ESC para fechar


  • For people who want to accelerate learning in the short-term. Immersions have a specific program in accordance with your objectives.
  • It can be in group or individual. Should be done in a closed group and your participants should have the same language knowledge with the same goal. A group can be formed with employees of the same company or in partnership with other companies;
  • The adaptation of the professional to the local culture is essential for the language learning process and for better understanding the Brazilian habits. Looking into this view our course has been developing methodologies that go beyond the classroom. We take our students to:
  • Cultural events, Happy Hours and tours that complement the book and make easier the interaction into the development of learning or any other activity of the day-to-day that becomes necessary.
  • We offer: Highly qualified teachers, native from abroad and Brazilian teachers with overseas experiences thus facilitating integration with the students.
  • Special discount for companies.

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